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LBG: a brief history

So there's a reason I've been laying low on the web for awhile...
LBG has been falling apart for months now and it's really been a drain on my creative spirit.
I'm sure that no one who wants to know will read this, but I've got some things to say about LBG.

I was one of the very first members. In the beginning there were 10 - 13 of us maybe... I don't remember.
We were all small-time, but we were all quality. Xenia(Limecrime, then Thunderwear!) was the founder and she picked the initial members, and the first member was Amy(Shrinkle) who she would consult about selection choices and so on. Some of those asked said yes, some said no. WeareyDearies was one we could never get among a few others. They had there doubts on weather they could have 5 LBG style auctions up every week which was one of the group requirements. We had some disagreements with some sellers and some sellers had to be let go because they didn't really do anything notable... but that sort of thing is to be expected with a start-up group. We eventually got a core group of girls and we were together for over 2 years. We had an email group that we serves as our "virtual office" where we shared tips on where to find good deals on raw materials and shared horror stories of psycho bidders. We would share tips on who to ban from bidding, and we would trade sewing knowledge.
Heck... when we first started Xenia could barely sew... Alicia could barely sew... We all learned and grew together.

In August 2003, the Live Journal community, littlebiggirls, was formed. I ignored it for a few months since I wasn't a LJ user at the time, but then it got so popular and so many of the girls in the LBG seller's group were participating in the community that buyers would email me acting as if I should know what was going on in the community. Because of this I started a Journa; and started posting in littlebiggirls too. So if you wanted to know why I ever started keeping a Journal to begin with, there you have it.

Over time, we started to nominate new girls into the group. One of us would make a nomination and everyone else would vote. In the end, I think it was Xenia who made the final vote... the only real vote that mattered, but I think all of us were too busy with the rest of our lives to notice... No one ever fished through all the emails to tally the votes... sometimes only two people would get a chance to vote and Xenia would make a decision.

That wasn't so bad, but eventually things started to get ugly. Xenia would decide she didn't like someone and write us an email sort of asking us if we minded her kicking someone out, but she had usually done it before she ever wrote us the email... People were kicked out without ever getting a chance to redeem themselves... no warnings... no friendly suggestions... if she wanted someone gone, they were gone. The last time this happened she decided that some key members that have been around for quite awhile needed to go. They were myself(electroncat), Alicioussuga, Anti_Label, Legendary*Pink*Dolly, AmethystTrashGirl, and Beccavicious.
Now I will admit that my auctions have been less than consistent over the last 6 months, but they were *always* quality, and part of the reason they were soooo sparse was because to me eBay has become synonymous with LBG, and I didn't want to deal with any of it. I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone else.
But that was it... Xenia had gone too far in just asking all of us to leave, 3 of us members from the very very beginning, with no warnings or chances for redemption. And on top of asking us to leave, she said some *very* disparaging things about everyone behind their backs... She made charcter attacks and personal attacks that were completely uncalled for. She made it seem like we're all complete losers even though we all have awesome things we do online and in real life that are not eBay.

I miss the days when I felt like I had some comradery in LBG... like I was part of a great group of girls who supported me
and who I was proud to be associated with. We were proving that girls could run subculture... that girls could be successful on their own and especially together... I felt like I had to do my part or I would be letting the group down... and I felt when I did a good job I was appreciated there.... But I haven't felt that way about the group in months and months and

Xenia had said that she wanted me out because LBG and EGL don't mesh anymore... though I really don't see how.
I'm not sure what Xenia sees as LBG anymore...
But I think LBG is a lot of things.
It's the girly and awesome side of *any* fashion.
It's anything that says "hey! i'm hardcore and awesome, but dammit I can be
girly at the same time!"
It's a new brand of feminism for our generation by our generation.

I hate to see us breaking apart!
Look how many things we have pioneered!
Look how much influence we have had on the ebay and general subculture
world. I mean I see all kinds of auctions with "kinderdoll" and "LBG" in the titles and those terms never even would have existed if it weren't for us... all of us, not just Xenia. We have had so many brainstorming email threads where we came up with ways to fight the system, get past the rules, and change the face of ebay sales.
*all* of us were part of that....
I'm never sure where the loyalties lie in our group, but I do know that we
have done so many amazing things together that it is a shame that we are breaking up now.
I can promise you that Xenia and Amy alone could not have made LBG what it became.
They are both awesome and innovative and popular and the most identifiable of all of us, but every LBG ever has helped make the group successful... even this nice girl in the middle of nowhere from way back in the beginning... What was her name? She was always depressed and kind of quiet and her auctions were kind of mediocre... But you know she had some good ideas here and there as I recall.

Everyone of us has gone through rough spots, and I think it just happens that several of us have had that happen lately...
And I really think part of that is lack of motivation in this group... the constant fear that you'll be kicked out if you're not good enough... like you'll be stabbed in your back by your best online friends just for not being what they want you to be and not who you are... even if your stuff rocks.

We were all awesome sellers for awhile... back when the email list(not the littlebiggirls was crazii active and before anyone got too full of themselves... before we got catty
and started kicking people out with no warnings... no chances for
redemption... no discussion... just "you're not cool enough for us. have a
nice life, KTHXBYE."

And so now it's over.
This is pretty much all I have to say.
I love the LBGs and I'm so glad to have been part of something that rocked the interweb so hard.

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